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Looking after you ‘N’ your piano

We are renowned by our customers for our top-notch-cost-effective piano removal service where we make piano removals look easy but don’t just take our word?  Click on the “Review us on Google” button below and read what customers are saying about their treasure piano move with us.

Customers are always delighted to see the same piano mover’s team arrived too carry-out their piano move again. “It like meeting an old friend once again”.

Strongwrap Piano Covers to protect all-acoustic upright, and grand pianos, plus our special piano-moving-truck-wheels.

With over 32+ years in the piano movers service dealing with all types of pianos, Bechstein, Bluthner’s, Steinway, Broadwood, Kawai, Welmar, Yamaha and many more throughout Hampshire, Southampton, Wiltshire, Salisbury, West Sussex and surrounding counties of Southern England.  

Upright Pianos

The upright is one of the most popular types of pianos we move for our customers.

The upright comes in various weights, sizes, and styles which mean that some will need additional careful planning to ensure stress-free and seamless piano move.

With the larger sizes, it becomes more crucial where there’s a narrow hallway where upright piano needs upending due to a tight-turned, and this is where the right specialist knowledge and experience comes into play as to where to place the keyboard in the tight space!.

You will find more about what we need to know as well as what we do for you on our info page.

Moving upright piano

  • Cover floors
  • Dust off and check condition piano and take photos where needed
  • load piano on to our special piano-dolly-trucks
  • Fit our STRONGWRAP covers.
  • Strap piano to dolly-truck [so piano dolly-truck becomes one]
  • Broad out paths and steps were needed
  • load piano onto our van via tail lift and strap piano down
  • At delivery address, the reversal of the above and position the upright where you have asked.

Moving grand piano

  • Lots of the procedures involved in the removal of a grand piano are the same as the upright piano with a few exceptions.
  • Support the piano with our grand piano jack and remove the first leg and pedals, fit a correct size grand piano moving shoe, also known as slipper/skid.
  • Manoeuvring piano into the removal position and place our dolly-trucks.
  • Load piano onto our van via tail lift and strap piano down
  • At delivery address, the reversal of the above.
  • Equipment: We have large numbers of moving-shoe of different sizes.
  • Grand piano lifter for loaded the heavier of the grand pianos onto piano-dolly-trucks, making the lifting procedures a more secure and safer task.
  • Areas Covered: Hampshire, Southampton, Wiltshire, Salisbury, West Sussex and surrounding counties of Southern England.  


Grand Pianos

There is more than one way that a general removal company could use to get your grand piano ready for moving! But only one of them is the right way, different know-how and experience are required when moving a grand piano then upright piano.

We move most makes grand’s up to 7ft (230cm), and we always use a moving-shoe to transport a grand piano what every the grand piano size is.

Digital upright and grand pianos

The digital upright piano may be lighter and smaller than some acoustic piano but still need as much care as an acoustic piano does when moving, in fact, some needs addition care and is why we designed our moving-board to go between our piano-trucks-wheels and digital piano when transporting those pianos.

Digital grand piano like the digital upright need the same amount of care and is why we have taken one of our small acoustic grand moving-shoe and redesigned to fit the digital grand, see photo.


Sejung SJP Digital grand piano


We base each customer quotation on the piano preparation and moving times that we believe we will spend at each location as well as mileage and travelling time which is worked out by the details given by the customer.

There are at times for one reason or another when a customer piano takes less time to move then we have quoted to move the piano? When this happens, we do our very best to reduce the final quoted cost to you.

A large number of our customers pay us by bank transfer.
Payment doesn’t have to be paid to us until we have delivered your piano to you and this also gives us a chance to reduce the final cost to you if your piano has taken less time to move. No other piano mover look after you like we do.

It what we mean by “Looking after you ‘N’ your piano.”

Insurance cover

TA Pianos Removals are insured and can accept liability for your piano to the value of £50,000. If you require further cover, we will arrange this for you.

We are also insured for our employer and have public liability insurance. (Public liability insurance is essential as this covers your walls, floors, etc.




Well mannered

With over 32 years of experience in delivering a brilliant piano moving service, you will find us to be polite, friendly and smartly dressed in our company uniforms.

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Please give full Postcodes of the addresses involved in the move and all detail of any awkward access, including any steps involved.


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