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Pianos are wonderful musical instruments and require all the love and attention that one can give them and here at TransAble Pianos Removals you can have complete confident that exactly what we do. Moving these wonderful instruments is truly a joy to behold and you can be ensured that we have a wealth of expiries in doing so.

Understanding the uneven distribution of weight of a piano, be it an upright or grand, but even more so with some uprights is determining the behaviours of the piano while controlling the outcome of the piano move.

Upright Pianos

When you contact us to discuss your piano move!

When you contact us we will discuss the details of your piano .i.e. size, age, Value and manufacture name as well as the location/s involved in the piano move .i.e. steps, etc. The reason for ask some of these details are because of the following;

The upright piano come in various styles, shapes and sizes, the Spinet and Console are the modern compact of the uprights pianos, that doesn’t mean they all light weights! By any means and the Studio and upright or Vertical piano as the upright was known by back in the good old days! Of which the smallest depth are from about 51cm (20″)  to 64cm (25″)

Steinway, Boston and Bluthner’s upright piano are some of the heaviest and have larger and deeper cases than most upright, but too many to mention here.

Like the Bluthner model S, case size, depth 71cm/28 inches and won’t fit through all doors let alone modern PVC doors, also many pianos from the 1800’s & early 1900’s like the Steinway Victorian upright piano 1860-1890’s makes the Bluthner model S look small!. Which is why when you contact us we need to discuss the details of your piano move, therefore! Any other removal company who may give you cost for your piano move who doesn’t ask you these question? You should question why they haven’t and more so have they any knowhow to carry out your piano move! .

You will find more about what we need to known as well as what we do for you on our info page.

Moving upright piano

  • Cover floors
  • Dust off and check condition piano and take photos where needed
  • load piano on to our special piano-dolly-trucks
  • Fit our STRONGWRAP covers [which are heavily padded with a waterproof outer cover]
  • Strap piano to dolly-truck [so piano dolly-truck becomes one]
  • Broad out paths and steps where needed
  • load piano onto our van via tail lift and strap piano down
  • At delivery address, the reversal of the above and place piano where you have asked

Moving grand piano

  • Lot of the procedures involved in moving grand piano are the same as the upright piano with a few exception
  • Support the grand piano with our grand piano jack and remove the first leg and pedals, fit a correct size grand piano moving shoe [also known as slipper/skid] Carry-out other checks while fitting the moving shoe.
  • Manoeuvring piano into the upright position ready for moving, where needed use our grand piano lifter and place our dolly-trucks under shoe.
  • Load piano onto our van via tail lift and strap piano down
  • At delivery address, the reversal of the above [plus setting grand back-up on its legs where you have asked ]
  • Equipment: We have large numbers of moving-shoe of different sizes, most built by us with a larger bed for the grand piano polished side to seat on than we can buy anywhere else / Grand piano lifter is really useful for lifting 5 feet plus grand pianos so we can fit our piano-trucks under the moving-shoe. Works really well in making the lifting procedures a effortless and safer task, once again built by us / We are also working on fabricated another item of equipment for grand piano moving procedures.


Grand Pianos

We move most makes grand’s up to 6.5 ft and some up to 7ft (230cm) We fit moving-shoe and strongwrap covers to protect your grand piano and piano-truck’s (dolly).

We don’t normally remove top lid or keyboard lid as these lids help to secure the piano more secure into the moving-shoe, We also add an extra strap that fastened the piano down into the shoe, I’ve never seen any other piano mover fit this extra strap? Also lot of piano movers do remove both lids? But than the piano won’t be as secured in the moving shoe as it would be if lids were left in place, by removing both lids it also increases the chance of the piano and lids getting damaged.

Digital upright and grand pianos

We also move digital upright and grand pianos which are much lighter and smaller then the acoustic pianos and don’t always sit as well on the piano-trolley-trucks as an acoustic piano does! This is why we have designed our own moving-board for transporting these digital pianos.

Digital upright piano like the acoustic upright piano needs addition care when upending but unlike the acoustic the weight or the lack of it in digital piano can add problems because most of the weight is in the keyboard end and not the base, But care is what we are all about.


Sejung SJP Digital grand piano

Cost cutting

When a customer piano takes less time to move then usual we often reduce the final cost to you, but we never charge any more than we have quoted. A large number of our customers pay us online/bank transfer, with this type of payment means we can be more fairer to you with cost when your piano has takes less time to move and also means you don’t have to pay us till we have delivered your piano to you, no other piano mover look after you like we do.     It what we mean by “Looking after you N’ your piano”

Insurance cover

Trans-able Removals are insured and can accept liability for your piano to the value of £50,000. If you require further coverage just let us know and we can increase the cover. We are also insured for employer and have public liability insurance. (Public liability insurance is important as this covers your floors, walls, etc. You aren’t gonna to need it but it’s there for piece of mind.

For the past 21 years we have been insured through  Basil Fry & Co. Limited specialises in providing insurance broking services to the Removals, Storage and Self-Storage industries.



Well mannered

With over 30 years of experience, you will find us to be polite and friendly at all times and smartly dressed in our company-logo-Uniforms “head to feet’. Moving pianos is an art-form not to be entrusted to just anyone.

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We will treasure your piano all the way through the move, though to be able to do this we need few detail from you about your piano and properties that will be involved with your piano move.

Please tell us what type of piano you have? Upright, Grand, or Electronic, makers name, year if possible and value.

If grand? Please give the dimensions, i.e. please don’t just tell us it’s a baby grand piano, etc.

 Full Postcodes of the collection address

 Full Postcodes of the delivery address, unless move is within same address.

Are there any stairway or steps, tight turns involved? if so please specify what and where they are.

 Any other restrictions, if there are please specify.

 Please tell us of anything else you think maybe of important.

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