Piano Storage

for Southampton, Winchester, Salisbury, Portsmouth and many other areas within Hampshire.

Dedicated Storage Area

We have two secure location with the right environment for storing uprights and grand pianos which are stored in dedicated storage area and not in modern wooden containers, where only furniture should be stored.

Two Locations

The two locations are Robinsons Storage in Basingstoke and Bradbeers Storage in Romsey. The dedicated store area are within a secure, alarmed premises and only T A Piano employees will deal with your piano from start to finish.

Good working relationship

We have had a good working relationship with Robinsons Storage for over the past 17 years.

At Bradbeers one of the persons we deal with is an old Robinsons employee that we have had a good working relationship for well over 11 years.


You can be assured that all your transit and storage insurance needs are covered by our ” Trans-Able” insures’ Our insures don’t let us store your piano just anywhere’ Storage company that we use must meet all our insures terms & conditions as well as ourselves.

You deal with us T A [Trans Able] on all matters to do with your piano storage and not Robinsons or Bradbeers.

Only employees of T A [Trans-Able] are involved in the unloading of your piano’s from our vans to the dedicated store area.

Collection, delivery and storage Terms:

Where possible we ask for a email address so we are able to send PDF storage invoices and payment to be made online rather then by post, if possible. but we know not every customer can do online payments! or have a email account! Therefore payment by cheque and post is find.

Removal cost of your piano from the collect address into storage and then after storage, delivery from storage to your new or same address? Will involve a cost for each move, normally the cost for delivery from storage to your new or same address can be made at delivery time.

Storage charges: Start from one week (7 days) Storage charge are normally charged in blocks of four weeks and any week/s unused will be refunded, normally taking off the finally delivery cost.

We also need to known the piano full value, this is needed for various reasons and one of them is so Robinsons and Bradbeers storage know what insurance value they have under their roof at any given time, even though your piano will be covered by ours T A ” Trans Able Removals” insurance, and not Robinsons or Bradbeers own cover, which would cost our customers more and only cover them for fire risk, but ours T A “Trans Able” cover will covers you for damage as well as fire risk.

Please note that other piano movers who may store your piano for you may only be cover for fire risk only if they are using another company insurance cover to cover your piano with?

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