On this page we have endeavoured to provide helpful information.

We will treasure your piano all the way through the move, though to be able to do this we need few detail from you about your piano and properties that will be involved with your piano move.

One piano can differ greatly from piano to another as can one property to another and if the piano is a heavy piano and there’s few steps involved than the piano could take more time and effort to move, on the other hand your piano maybe a modern light compact piano. Therefore to be able give you the most fairest quote possible please read our “Information we need from you” Below.

Information we need from you to make a access & risk assessment.

Full postcode for both collection and delivery addresses.

Makers name/brand of piano, full value and year of your piano or rought idea of ago.

It’s importation to tell us about the piano maker name, if possible the year! As the upright and grand come in various sizes and types, plus full values’ Is your piano an player-piano also known as Pianola or a modern-auto-piano. If it’s a old upright is it a upright-grand piano from the 1800’s Like The Steinway Victorian piano! Which is near to half ton in weight or any other rare piano.

Any access awkward out of collection & into delivery addresses where there may be a tight turn, i.e. with or without steps, fence panels or brick wall, trees, plants, shrubs, or anything else that opposite exterior doorways, that will impeded the piano removal, do you think there will be any problem getting the piano through any exterior doorway or within the property. Exterior PVC doors and frames are often smaller then the wooden door and frame they replace, remembered most inner doorways are normally smaller than your Exterior doorways.

When measuring the opening in a doorway, more so with exterior PVC door, make sure [1] open the door before measuring [2] does the door open fully? [3] Measure gap between the open door to the opposite side of door frame, Old PVC doors may be hold onto frame with pins but a lot of newer PVC doors are fitted to the frame at the factory so may need door fitter to remove and refit PVC door.

Any 90 degree turns?

i.e. In hallway where the room is opposite the staircase where the piano may need upending to get around into or out of the room, in most cases this is not a problem but could be if a the piano is German or larger upright piano and the turn is tight, covers kept on when upended.

We need to know about any steps involved at the collection and delivery addresses before we arrive to carry out any piano move.
Is there more than one, two or three steps or more? Than photos would be helpful to us, to make sure there’s no problems before piano moving day. you can send photos to us via email or

Parking! Is there double yellow lines, restricted parking, bus stop, busy street, etc. If drive way, we need a gateway to be 7ft wide and 10.5 feet to clear any low trees, does the drive have a steep slope. If we can’t get our van in a driveway how far is it to where the piano is going? If we can get our van into the driveway and there’s steps at front! Door could we use tail lift to bridge them? i.e. we carry a long walk-board that we use for pianos to bridge between our tail lift and steps which is useful for up to about five steps in all.

Garden or outer areas of property/ies where piano needs to cross? Any steps in the garden?

Lawn/grass area, stone coved drive/pathways, unpaved areas or uneven ground that we may need to board-out? How long is the area we need to board-out? moving boards over a larger area takes time to do, more so if on a slope and the piano is heavy!. Any other thing you think we should known about that I haven’t mention here.

Piano moving day.

We are always looking at ways to keep your cost and ours down and oneway is to add as many pianos as possible together in a day. Therefore being able to offer you a better cost over our normal costs! Even more saving’ If you need a piano moving from one county to another while we are carry-out other piano collection and delivery in the same areas! or in other areas of the UK we may be in.

If you have more then one piano to be moved, or with another friend piano? We should be able to give you a better quote than moving one at a time. If yes to any of the above than photos of them would help us to decided whether there is any problems to deal with before arriving on the piano moving day.

Information on what we do for you

We been moving pianos for over 27 years.

All pianos moved on our pianos-dolly-trucks and are covered with our specially manufactured strongwrap covers so your piano doesn’t get marked or if it’s raining the piano stays dry – even if we don’t! (The piano-dolly-trucks we use can not normally be hired from any hire centre that I known of! Most dolly-trucks you can hire are not comparable to the dolly-trucks we use). Some dolly-trucks are find if moving a piano within a property but may not if there’s any steps.

All floorings that your piano (and us too, have to crossover are protected, not forgetting walls and any other surfaces) while moving your piano).

All Grand’s Pianos are moved with a shoe of the correct size.

Our vans carry various blocks and boards, we also have a form to get over a block of five steps or more but we only put them on the van when needed. Therefore we can get your piano over most steps or any other obstacles with our piano-dolly-trucks. We don’t manhandle any piano if we can help it, it’s better for us and the piano when moved on a piano-dolly-trucks.

If you are replacing your older piano and a friend or relative are having your old piano (or even if you are selling the piano). If you use us to move both piano’s together on the same day, within the same areas then we should be able to offer you a discount.

Piano Storage

If your piano needs storage, you only pay for the week’s you require. The piano is stored in a dedicated area of the storage building where they are left undisturbed and totally secure. Your piano is never stored in a container with us. Containers are not the best way to store a piano, we have pick-up customers pianos from other storage companies whom the customer has stored with to find damage done to pianos because the piano was stored in an container and due to the weight and movement of the piano within the container damage has happen. Therefore containers are not the way to store a piano.

Get In Touch

Please tell us what type of piano you have?  Grand, Upright or Electronic, plus makers name, year if possible and value.

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