Looking after you ‘N’ your piano

Helpful Piano information.

Pianos come in various weights, sizes, and styles which mean that some will need additional careful planning to ensure stress-free and seamless piano move. Therefore It’s essential to give us as many details as possible about your piano move so we can make an access & risk assessment.

Therefore to be able to give you the fairest quote possible, please read our;

“Information we need from you.”

Style and other details about the piano

Upright, Grand [acoustic or digital]  Player-piano, also known as Pianola or a modern-auto-play-piano. If it is a much old upright piano, it could be an upright-grand piano from the 1800s, Like The Steinway Victorian piano! Which is near to half a ton in weight!

Piano manufacturer name,  full value and the year or rough idea of the age.

Dimensions of a piano; Upright, length, height, depth,  Grand,  length, width.

Property and any awkward access!

It is also essential to give as much detail about each property location involved. If the piano is one of the heavy pianos and there are more than two steps involved? Then more time and effort may be needed to get the piano over the steps.

The full postcode for both collection and delivery addresses.

90 degree turns within a property? (upright piano)

Is the room opposite a staircase where the upright piano may need to be upended? In most cases, this isn’t a problem.

When an upright piano needs to be upended, covers are always kept on.


Is there double yellow lines or any other restricted to parking, bus stop, busy street, etc.? If driveway, we need a gateway to be 7ft wide and 10.5 feet to clear any low trees, is the driveway on a steep slope?

If we can’t get our van in the driveway or there’s no driveway! How near to the property can we park.

Garden or outer areas of a property.

Are there any steps in the garden or outside area where the piano need to cross?

Lawn/grass area, stone coved drive/pathways, unpaved areas or uneven ground that we may need to board out?

About Us

We have been moving pianos for over 33+ years.

All pianos moved on bespoke pianos-moving-trucks-wheels with one of our special strongwrap waterproof covers.  (Please note; No hire centre hire out the pianos-moving-trucks-wheels we use). dolly-trucks-wheels that you can hire are not comparable to what we use.)

All floors, walls and other surfaces while moving your piano are protected.

All Grand Pianos moved with a shoe of the correct size.

Our vans carry various blocks and boards; we also have a large set of blocks to get over a block of five steps or more while still using our piano-moving-truck-wheels ( Put on the van when needed)

If you are replacing your piano and selling or giving a friend or relative your older piano, by using us to move both pianos on the same day, within the same area, we should be able to offer you a discount.

Piano Storage

For details about piano storage, please click on our  storage page,

Get In Touch

1/ Would you please give us details of the type of piano you need moving, Upright, Grand [acoustic or digital] makers name, age and value if possible?

2/ Would you please also give us the full Postcodes of the addresses involved in the move and any details of any awkward access, including any steps or anything else you think we need to know about?

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